Ashley Edwards appointed as Principal Crown Counsel

The Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain QC has appointed Ashley Edwards of Black Chambers as Principal Crown Counsel. Ashley called to the Bar in 2000 and had been a highly popular defence counsel before joining Crown Office in 2008. Her ability and experience were deservedly recognised in 2016 when she was appointed Queen’s Counsel, and now that reputation has been further enhanced with the responsibility entrusted upon her of this vitally important position within Scotland’s prosecution service.

Ashley will report to the Lord Advocate and Solicitor General for Scotland, and Ms Bain had this to say:

“Ashley is an outstanding lawyer who is eminently qualified for this role. Since returning to Crown Office in the summer of last year I have been hugely impressed by the way she approaches the important work done by the Crown. I am confident she will build upon the contributions of Stephen O’Rourke, who so tragically died in December, and Alex Prentice who was PCC before him.”

Another member of Black Chambers, Lisa Gillespie, will also assume a new responsibility within Crown Office following her appointment as assistant Principal Crown Counsel. Lisa took silk more recently, her appointment as Queen’s Counsel coming in 2020, and again this was a richly warranted recognition of her talent and experience. Black Chambers warmly congratulates both Ashley and Lisa, and we wish them luck in their new roles.