Ashley Edwards KC

Ashley Edwards is an experienced Senior Counsel with a broad range of expertise in criminal and quasi–criminal cases. She is currently the Assistant Principal Crown Counsel prosecuting solely in the High Court. Her science/medical background makes her ideally placed to deal with highly technical evidence such as DNA, LCN DNA, Forensic medical, psychological and psychiatric evidence. She is also experienced in the examination of children and vulnerable witnesses using special measures.

Selected Cases

Outer House

  • Middleton V Chief Constables of Grampian and Tayside


High Court Trials


  • HMA v Allan – Murder 142 stab wounds potential for provocation by Homosexual advance
  • HMA v Scott –Murder Issues of concert


  • HMA v Higgins – sodomy and rape complainers were very young children


  • HMA v MR – Historical sexual offences – Moorov , Corroboration and Mens Rea
  • HMA v Skut – Indecent assault of a 2 year old child. Medical issues regarding the childs presentation and anal injuries


  • HMA v Robertson and Parafinowski + 2 – Murder issues of concert, Mens Rea, medical issues re cause of death and medical intervention.
  • HMA v Richard Munro – Attempt to defeat ends of justice by serving Police Officer during a murder investigation , trial and Appeal


  • HMA v Taylor – Murder ,Cause of death, Corroboration
  • HMA v Gordon and Paterson + 1 – Murder- concert , cause of death
  • HMA v Nisbet -Murder – circumstantial case


  • HMA v Kenneth Harper – sexual offences, Moorov